Tooth Jewelry

Every patient wants a sparkling smile. Dentists are committed to maintaining the health of teeth at all costs. Skyce is developed in such a way that dentists can carry out the procedure responsibly using tried-and-tested products. The dental jewelry does not need to be pre-treated and is bonded onto the tooth in the same way as an orthodontic bracket, i.e., without any preparation over enamel. It can be placed over any white spots or on the corner of the tooth .

Sticking of Skyce is absolutely harmless procedure for your teeth. The procedure is absolutely painless and takes only 15-20 minutes. As it has no sharp edges/corners, it does not hurt the lips. If you want to take it off in the future or want to change it to different color , it can be done very quickly, without pain and disturbance in the integrity of your tooth. Skyce can be secured for long tome by just regular brushing.

Now, it is your chance to combine beauty and health in one harmless way.

The Skyce is available in two sizes and two colors. It is made of crystal glass and is available in "crystal" and "sapphire blue". Two sizes are available, i.e., 1.8 mm and 2.5 mm in diameter.